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Robert Merritt: US Business Law

Robert Merritt, 18-29th March 2013


Data Ora Locul
Wednesday, March 20, 13 18–20 D2/1
Thursday, March 21, 13 18–20 D2/1
Friday, March 22, 13 16–18 D2/2
Tuesday, March 26, 13 18–20 Óváry (Bocskai-ház)
Wednesday, March 27, 13 18:30–20 UBB-FSEGA, parter, sala 36
(Teodor Mihali 58-60)
Thursday, March 28, 13 18–20 D2/1


Introduction to the American Legal System American legal system.   Discussion of common law and stare decisis, the US Constitution and basic constitutional issues that come up in business law (i.e. private property, free speech, sanctity of contracts), federal, state and local government, the judicial system, introduction to administrative law and regulation of business.

Business entities
Corporations, partnership (both general and limited), sole proprietorship's, LLC's, unincorporated organizations, trusts, profit and non-profit entities; considerations in selecting a business entity.

Contract Basics and Taxation
Contract essentials (i.e. offer, acceptance, consideration, breach, remedies and enforcement). The American Tax system; two and sometimes three tiers of taxation, basics of income tax, property, sales and other forms of taxation, how choice of entity affects tax burdens and benefits, "loopholes", tax enforcement and collection.

Real Property and development
Review of private property principles, basic property concepts (fee ownership, easements, covenants and equitable servitudes, boundaries, development (land use basics, subdivision, zoning, limits on regulation, takings, building codes and enforcement), construction, environmental concerns and regulations.

Banks and other lenders, business, personal and real property lending, security for loans, foreclosure, bankruptcy, overview of lending regulations.

Intellectual Property and course wrap up
Protection of musical, literary and artistic works, discoveries, and inventions using patients, copyright, and trademarks, trade secrets, licensing; what business lawyers do in the U.S, questions and discussion.



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