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Curs de drept procesual penal american


Douglas McBroom, 26 martie-6 aprilie 2012


The course will start with an explanation of American criminal law covering crimes against person and property. There will be a brief unit covering the most common defenses to these crimes.

We will then address the limitations which the American Constitution places on police and prosecutors as agents of the government.  During part of the course arrests, searches and seizures for evidence and interrogations by police and prosecutors will be discussed.  Interrogation by police will be used to demonstrate how the law develops and the role of state and federal  appellate courts in this process.

We will then discuss the various methods of enforcement of these limitations, and the role of the defense attorney and trial judge in this enforcement.

There will be particular emphasis on the American rule excluding any evidence obtained in violation of these constitutional protections at trial.

Finally the course will conclude with a session discussing the common law jury system covering jury selection and jury deliberation.

Certificates of completion will be given to students who complete the course.



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